6 Graduates!!!

DRE/HFCOE are very proud of our latest batch of university and vocational graduates:

3 Engineers
1 Medical Officer
1 Nurse
1 Film technician

These students have come a very long way from their tragically sad beginnings with HFCOE 16 years ago. The brother and sister in the top right picture, were separated when their parents died. They hadn’t seen each other for 18 months and thought they would never see each other again until they were united by chance at the little office of HFCOE in 2001. This photo captures the moment they saw each other again.

Now this little boy is grown up and graduating from engineering and his younger sister is just finishing school, with plans to complete higher education.

Fikad is graduating as a Medical Officer. As there is only 1 doctor for every 36,000 people in Ethiopia, Fikad will impact many lives by providng much needed health care and education.